Bruno Longhitano – New Era EP from Analisar Music

Artist : Bruno Longhitano
Title : New Era EP
Label : Analisar Music
Catalog : AN009
Release date : 2020-04-27

Our next ‘joint’ in the year is the super talented Argentine DJ and producer Bruno Longhitano’s EP.The title track New Era and and the second one Broken Past are both epic big room melodic techno tunes. Highly recommended for all the DJs who want to catch the people in the peak time on the dance floor. There is no need to talk about grRead More

Play1 Bruno Longhitano – New Era Original Mix (7:46) ||| Melodic House & Techno | 124 | A maj

Play2 Bruno Longhitano – Broken Past Original Mix (7:29) ||| Melodic House & Techno | 125 | E maj

Play3 Bruno Longhitano – Not the Exit Intro (3:50) ||| Melodic House & Techno | 124 | D♯ maj

Download MP3 320kbs / AIFF

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